Volumetric Lighting Tutorial

  1. The Room
    1. Model the scene - Create your room with your windows and whatever
    2. Apply textures - floors, beams, walls, ceilings, windows, etc
      • If you want stained glass, map the texture to the color and transparency of the window
  2. The Fog
    1. Create a bounding box outside the scene
    2. Create a lambert, then go to the LambertSG
    3. Assign a trans_mat to the material shader
    4. Assign a parti_volume to the volume shader
      • Scatter: whatever color you want the fog to be
      • Extinction: 0.001
      • Min_step_len: 0.030
      • Max_step_len: 0.200
      • Note: the above two settings affect quality and render time
    5. Apply the material to the outer box
  3. The Lights
    1. Create the lights you want
      • Spot and point?
    2. For each light, assign a physical_light to the Light Shader (in mental ray -> Export Options)
      • Color: whatever color you want the light to be, but set the V very high
    3. Check "Emit Photons"
    4. Energy: 0 0 0
    5. Exponent: 1
    6. You need to connect each light to the parti_volume fog with this command
      connectAttr -f pointLight1.message parti_volume1.lights[0]
      • pointLight1 is the name of the light
      • lights[0] should be incremented for each light (lights[0], lights[1], etc)
  4. Render! Play with the FG and GI settings if you want