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Other Useful Tools

Mesh Viewer can be used to create camera files

Cam2Vista Utility to create camera files in Maya for use with Vista

Some useful tools that could be used for more effective visualzation can be found under "svt_build/tools/" directory 

Change to directory "svt_build/tools/"

   % cd ../svt_build/tools 
   % ls (List the tools available)
formatinfo.o       genraw.o     genrawlarge.o    getopt.o      getopt1.o
meshconvert.o meshinfo.o ppmtomesh.o rawhist.o rawminmax.o
rawmixer.o resample.o rgbtoscalar.o vcomposite.o
genraw - Creates raw volume files 
   % ./genraw -h (View help page)

   % ./genraw --test mytestfile (creates a file with name mytestfile in current directory)

rawminmax - Finds out the minimum and maximum in a raw volume file
   % ./rawminmax -h (View help page)
   % ./rawminmax --rawtype float myDataFile (Find min and max value for mytestfile we created earlier)

rawhist - Creates a histogram for the data set also finds out min and max in the datset. 
The generated histogram can be utilised for getting better renderings. Histograms only work for scalar dataset
    % ./rawhist -h (View help page)
    % ./rawhist --rawtype float mytestfile >hist_result (This will generate the histogram distribution and will write it to file  hist_result)
    % ./rawhist --rawtype float --logmode myDataFile >hist_log_result 
    (This will generate the histogram distribution in logrithm mode and will write it to file  hist_log_result. 
       This is useful for dataset which have most of data concentrated in the lower region)

rawmixer - Creates a / subsampled / mix of 2 volumes / mix of 3 volumes / mix of 4 volumes /magnitude from 3 volumes/ 
This only work for scalar dataset
   % ./rawmixer -h (View help page)
    % ./rawmixer --rawtype float --dim 100 100 100 --stride 1 2 3  mytestfile  out_subsampled_file 
    This will generate subsampled file skipping 1 float in x, 2floats in y and 3 floats in z so the resulting file would have dimension of 50 x 34 x 25

Mixing volumes to create multivriate volumes
   % ./rawmixer --rawtype float --mix3  infile_1 infile_2 infile_3  out_file 
    This will generate a combined file with all 3 infile variables in one file
Creating magnitude file from three component volumes
  % ./rawmixer --rawtype float --mag3  x_vol_file y_vol_file z_vol_file  out_magnitude_file 
    This will generate magnitude file from three input volumes based on mag=sqrt( X*X + Y*Y + Z*Z)