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MAYA I - Introduction to 3D Modeling  

Student Tech @ SDSC : 23-28 Jun 2008

In this hands on course you will learn the basics of using the Maya (Version 7) animation package. You will learn how to create scenes, models, and basic animations. You will also learn how to do lighting and basic rendering.
The course consists of lectures providing broad overview of computer graphics and hands on work on lessons from the textbook


Learning Maya 7 | Foundation

ISBN: 1-894893-74-3

This book will be provided and would be followed in class


Amit Chourasia, Steve Cutchin
San Diego Supercomputer Center


Day1(Lecturer: Amit): Understanding the Maya User Interface, Making a 3D Solar System

Day2 (Lecturer: Amit) : Polygon Modelling, Texturing

Day3 (Lecturer: Steve): Animation, Nurbs Modelling

Day4 (Lecturer: Steve): Nurbs Texturing, Organic Modelling,

Day5 (Lecturer: Amit): Deformers, Subdivision modelling (Tentative Cave Facility Visit)


Useful Links

The following web sites have lots of useful interesting information for Maya animators: