Full Size Quicktime Movies - 2/13/05

Final Quicktime Movies - 12/17/04

Updated Quicktime Movies - 12/6/04

Organic Molecule Fly Thru Hydrogen U238 Radioactive Decay
Chlorine Chlorine Covalent Bond The life of an electron - round and round all day NaCl Ionic Bond
Chlorine Chlorine Covalent Bond NaCl Ionic Bond

Initial Test Quicktime Movies

The following are simple quicktime movies for various molecular animations created using Maya. We tried to use somewhat unusual looks and styles to avoid looking like your typical ball and stick animations. Click on an image for a 360x243 quicktime animation.

Molecule fly-thru - 16:9 aspect A hydrogen atom - 16:9 aspect A Benzene Molecule - 16:9 aspect
The Rutherford Experiment at Macro scale - 16:9 The Rutherford Experiment at Micro Scale - 16:9 The Rutherford Experiment at Micro Scale - version 2
Sodium Chlorine Ionic-Bond - 16:9 aspect Chlorine-Chlorine Covalent Bond - 16:9 aspect Follow an Electron - 16:9 aspect