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Game Grid

The goal of the Game Grid Project is to create games, tools and services that allow educators and researchers to study social behavior in multi-user persistent games as well as examine how these environments can be used to teach students about Science.

Current Game Grid activity revolves around the development of the following Game Grid components:

Assignment Antarctica
A 3d multi-player game that lets players learn about research in the Antarctic.
a php package and service for tracking and reviewing the ctivity of players in-game over time.
a game hosting service that will host games for educators on resources at SDSC to provide them with large network, disk and compute resources for making their own games more accessible to a wider audience.


The following downloadable games are available:
Assignment Antarctica: Latest Working Version as of October 7, 2009 - ~110 mb
Sample Mission
A simple example mission for the Torque Gaming Engine
ECCSE Virtual Fieldtrip
A Lithium Battery Game built at SDSU
The Physics Game
A simple physics game built at SDSU

Game Grid Tools

The following downloadable Game Grid tools are being developed for download:
A php/mysql package that makes it very easy to instrument a game and capture the in-game activity of players who play the game.

Other Recources

Model Archives
A collection of furniture models for use inside a Torque Game
Garage Games
Garage Games makes the torque gaming engine that we use with our games.