Visualizations of the Earth's Upper Mantle

The following are the two movies generated from the Mantle data using Maya. To play the movies you need to install Divx. Its worth it. Its great. You can download and install from Do it, its quick, its painless and its fun!

The following are images generated from the Scripps Earth model availabe at These images are colored by Shear Velocity using standard VIBGYOR color scheme. Depths are center of the layer depths.

60 Km
140 Km
250 Km
350 Km
465 Km
600 Km
735 Km
885 Km
1035 Km
1210 Km
1410 Km
1610 Km
1810 Km
2010 Km
2210 Km
2410 Km
2610 Km
2800 Km

The following is a simple diagram of the different layers of the earth. The prior images above sample across the entire mantle starting at the Moho discontinuity to the Gutenburg discontinuity.

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