Early Snapshots from Molecule Render for Kim

Here are some quick one-offs of the molecule that you sent me. These are pretty rough but molecule3 is starting to look presentable. To get to the really hi-res versions you have to follow the links at the top of the table. I can easily render 4k resolution if need be.

Molecule1 1024x1024 Molecule2 1024x1024 Molecule3 1024x1024
Molecule1 2048x2048 Molecule2 2048x2048 Molecule3 2048x2048
Molecule1 320x320 Molecule2 320x320 Molecule3 320x320
Molecule1 512x512 Molecule2 512x512 Molecule3 512x512
Glass Object 512 by 512 Shadow Object1kby1k Shadow 2 Object1kby1k
Tube Like Molecule 1k by 1k Tube Like Molecule 4k by 4k - BIG Better Tube Like Molecule 2k by 2k Better Tube Like Molecule 4k by 4k - BIG