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Viewing posslamellae.pdb using Pymol

Interactive Visualization of assembly of nano scale systems for research conducted by Sharon Glotzer's group at MSE.

Nano Visualization Progress Webpage


Sharon C. Glotzer, Monica H. Lamm University of Michigan

The proposed research targets a central goal in bionanotechnology - the use of biomolecules to drive the assembly of designed, functional, ordered structures of inorganic components.

Creates molecular or particle-based simulations using molecular dynamics, Brownian dynamics, continuum and lattice Monte Carlo.


Steve Cutchin - Manager Vis services SDSC
Amit Chourasia - Visualization Scientist SDSC

Sharon C. Glotzer - University of Michigan
Monica H. Lamm - University of Michigan
Abhijit Bose - University of Michigan
Mark Horsch - Graduate student, provided initial data set, Glotzer group