• 480x270 animation completed. 11MB DviX MPEG-4. Right-click the image to download the video ("Save Target As...).
  • will render at HDTV resolution next week.


  • 480x270 (16:9), 3 minute, 24fps, MPEG-4 fly-through animation started rendering on ccwong.sdsc.edu.
  • each frame takes about 20-25 seconds. All 4320 frames will take about 30 hours on one machine.



  • 1200x1200 resolution, rendered on ccwong.sdsc.edu.
  • only took 3 minutes.
  • next task: look up the real colors of the chemical elements on http://www.webelements.com/ and give it better lighting.



  • lightned up the background
  • machine at home is overheating. Hence, 640x640 is about the biggest I can do at home.



  • got pdg4.mb working, and put in the sphere stage.
  • decided to use primary colors for high contrast.
  • used the same technique to the get the translucent look.



  • got a new molecule named AChE. Used the same technique.
  • the current colors don't look too good with this shader.will use colors with greater contrast.
  • this one does not have a stage or any lights in it.



  • met with Steve last week and figured out that a lighter background works better.
  • lightened up the background from black to a medium grey.


  • added the electron-microscope shader to the background.
  • used traditional 3-point lighting. for a diagram of 3-point lighting, click here.


  • picked MMTCLL2 to work on, just because the model looks cooler.
  • added the 3 stages to the MB file.
  • stages can be switched around by turning off the visibility of two out of three stages at a time.


  • figured out how the shader works, and ran the first test render.
    • the colors of the elements are adjusted through the VRamp of the shader. DO NOT change the type of the shader. just change the given parameters (i.e. color, transparency, glow, and opacity).
    • colors can be layered (i.e. yellow to orange to whatever to black).


  • went on highend3D and found the perfect shader for the electron-microscope effect.
  • click here to download the shader. README of the shader.


  • got the files to make into electron-microscope.
  • original version made by Steve.


end of March

  • made the 3 stages with light rigs.
  • mb files for download: sphere, dome, and cube.