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High Resolution In Vivo Imaging
Reya Lab, University of California, San Diego
Jeffrey Harris, Joi Weeks, Raymond Fox
Bryan Zimdahl, Masaya Takehara, Allen Blevins
Tannishtha Reya

High throughput Image Analysis
Covert Lab, Stanford University
Tim Lee
Markus Covert

Visservices Group, San Diego Supercomputer Center
Laura Schwartz (Freelance)
Amit Chourasia


Koechlein, C. S, Harris, J., Lee, T., Weeks, J., Fox, R., Zimdahl, B., Ito, T., Blevins, A., Jung, S., Chute, J., Chourasia, A., Covert, M., and Reya, T, 2016. "High Resolution Imaging and Computational Analysis of Hematopoietic Cell Dynamics In Vivo." To appear in Nature Communications.

Description The overarching research aim for this project is to understand the mechanisms that regulate stem cell fate and self-renewal, and how these mechanisms are dysregulated in cancer. Further information at Reya Lab website.

Visualizing Stem Cell Dynamics in the Bone Marrow

This visualization illustrates stem cell dynamics based on data gathered from in vivo imaging and shows HSCs preferentially contacting the vasculature and interacting with elements in the proximal zone of the endosteal area and vascular area.

Movie (~38 mb, Quicktime H264)