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NLADR Visualization Services provides its users with a number of visualization tools, both developed in house and merely installed and maintained by the group.

Mesh Viewer

Mesh Viewer supports interactive viewing of multi-modal, multi-resolution volume data. It allows users to interactively view and manipulate large-scale volume data, then generate volume rendered images. Mesh Viewer integrates with the NPACI Scalable Visualization Toolkits to access large-scale volume data. In particular, it uses the Mesh Toolkit to scalably access mesh data. Mesh Viewer also interfaces with the VISTA Volume Renderer to generate volume rendered images.

VISTA Volume Renderer

VISTA Volume Renderer is a part of the NPACI Scalable Visualization Toolkits. It is a multithreaded, platform independent, scalable and robust volume renderer. It allows users to perform volume rendering of datasets even those that exceed available memory (using out of core paging). VISTA also interfaces with Mesh Viewer for generating transfer functions and custom cameras which can be used to view(render) a volume from different positions. This provides VISTA the capability of creating walk-thrus of datasets.

Check out the legacy NPACI VisTools page.


DeskVOX is open source software for Windows and Linux computers. Its GUI uses the FOX Toolkit API. The Windows version auto-installs thanks to NSIS.

Maya Tools

Maya Tools helps us to automate tasks in Maya.

Installed Tools

Visualization Services installs a number of tools on a myriad of SDSC machines to support both ourselves and our users. For a list of installed tools, please click here.