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Header File Format (hdr)

Example Header File: "volume.hdr"

The header volume file format allows the user to load a raw binary volume file into Mesh Viewer. For example, given a raw volume file called "volume.raw" with resolution 256 x 256 x 256, a corresponding "volume.hdr" file can be made as follows.

# Comment Line
Datafile:      volume.raw
Resolution:    256 256 256
Spacing:       0.01 0.01 0.01
VoxelType:     SCALAR | RGB | RGBA | MULTI N
FieldType:     BYTE | SHORT | INT | FLOAT
MinVal:        Float.MIN_VALUE
MaxVal:        Float.MAX_VALUE
ByteOrder:     MSB | LSB
SkipBytes:     18

Datafile: The name of the raw volume data file.

Resolution: The size of the volume dataset in the X, Y and Z dimensions.

Spacing: The distance between voxels in the X, Y and Z dimensions.

VoxelType: The number of fields associated with each voxel. Voxels typically contain SCALAR, RGB and RGBA fields. Voxels can also store an arbitrary number of fields specified by MULTI.

FieldType: The data type for each field specified as a Byte, Short, Integer and Floating-point value.

MinVal and MaxVal: The expected minimum and maximum field values.

ByteOrder: The byte ordering of each field as MSB or LSB.

CoordSystem: The X-Y-Z coordinate system is LEFT_HANDED or RIGHT_HANDED. RIGHT_HANDED is the default coordinate system.

SkipBytes: The number of bytes to skip at the beginning of the raw volume file.

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